Withdrawal of Data Privacy bill- A bad move ?

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Withdrawal of the data privacy bill – Learn more about the withdrawal of the data privacy bill in the parliament session.

India’s Parliament officially withdrew the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 from consideration on August 3, 2022 (see the official document here- PDP_Withdrawal.pdf ).

The withdrawal of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2021 has left several legal experts perplexed and all eyes are now set on the government’s new Bill on the issue and the timeline for it to become an Act.

Earlier this week, the government announced the withdrawal of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2021, which was first drafted in 2017, citing a joint parliamentary committee’s (JPC) proposal for 81 amendments in the Bill.

It appears from public and private comments that the issue of privacy will be taken up either as a chapter within the proposed Digital India Act or as a revised stand-alone trimmed down law focusing only on data privacy.

Other aspects falling outside of the scope of personal data privacy may be taken up in the digital laws which in the process of being overhauled.

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The government is likely to bring in a new comprehensive Bill, but it will also probably take a long time for implementation.

The withdrawal of the Bill will only increase the waiting time for the citizens of the country to get a legal remedy for violation of their digital rights.

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