What are the documents required for company registration in USA?

Registering your company in the United States of America can be a great way of expanding your business and you don’t necessarily have to be a US citizen in order to start a Company there. Any foreign national can register or set up a company in USA either as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Incorporation (Inc) by following the due procedure.


The documents specified below should be kept ready for registration purposes:

  1. Passport Copies of all the desired officeholders
  2. PAN Card (in case of a Indian national) of all the desired officeholders
  3. Photo Identity Proof (Driving License any other registered photo ID card) of all the desired officeholders.
  4. Utility Bills like electricity, municipal tax receipt or water bills. (If you have a residence in US, not older than 2 months).
  5. Specimen Signatures of all the desired officeholders.
  6. Trade name for your company

Visit Company registration in USA | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov) to know more about company registration process in USA.

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